Module of Medical Device Suite, TDC FTA is a fault tree analysis software that guarantees the calculation accuracy and the methodological links with risk management. It helps to have the “realiability and safety” view of your medical device.

Fault Tree Analysis software easy to use



Powerfull Calculation

Thanks to the Safety of EADS calculation engine, the results provided by TDC FTA are without approximation, and are based on the method of Binary Decision Diagrams.

Rigour in Fault Tree Construction

TDC FTA can of course be used alone, without other Medical Device Suite modules.

But in case of a reliability and safety approach,  you can create your fault tree from

  • The functional and physical architecture (functions, subsystems, components, etc.) defined in the functional block diagram or SADT (TDC Structure software),
  • And / or preliminary risk analysis and FMEA Study described in ou FMEA software module

Consistency between different design methods is guaranteed through the sharing of data within Medical Device Suite.

Capitalization and traceability

If this is relevant in the case of your medical device, TDC FTA allows to create libraries of failure rate associated with their laws (exponential, weibull,…) and types of components.
The traceability is guaranteed on each data, which allows to easily identify what has changed since the last meeting for example.

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