Logiciel Analyse fonctionnelle technique BDF, SADT et TAF - TDC Structure

TDC Structure is the software to use for technical functional analysis, in order to optimize the (re)design of a medical device.

You will use the methodological tool which is adapted to your project, using either functional block diagrams, SADT or Functional Analysis Chart.

A formalized and rigorous technical functional analysis

With this technical functional analysis software you can assign service functions to organs / components of the different technical solutions devised by the designer. The objective is to optimize the (re)design of a product or system.

If necessary, you will  retrieve as starting point the service functions identified in the external functional analysis software TDC Need. You can model your Medical Device using one the following methods:

  • functional Block diagram to identify the internal technical functions (curly flow) induced by design.
  • or SADT if you integrate e.g. electronics (input/output);
  • Functional Analysis Chart in order to validate the FBD or the SADT, and to assign the costs of the components to functions.

This work can of course be performed at different levels of details and will constitute the starting point for prospective risk studies: FMEA, or fault tree analysis.

Facilitate technical discussions

TDC Structure keeps the trace and the date of each of changes (solutions, components, technical functions). For example, you can filter the data that have been changed since the last project review or list the successive changes of a characteristic component.

Improvement of reactivity

Videoprojection facilitates the work of the project team, with tools such as trees of components (nomenclature), and management of graphic tools for FBD and SADT graphics tools. The live changes enables you to win in reactivity.

Methodological consistency

The data consistency is ensured through the sharing of data in the same database for each Medical Device throughout the design process and your risks analysis.

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