Les Bénéfices Logiciel Knowllence

Medical Device Suite brings benefits both to each of its users, and at the level of the enterprise.

Benefits for Project Teams

You are free to buy only the modules that you really need: functional analysis, ISO 14971, Design FMEA and/or Process FMEA, etc. Each team member will see only the data that are pertinent for him. Whatever the chosen option, software guides through proven methodologies and offering  you libraries of English and French content.

You can use Medical Device Suite live during meetings, in video projection, you will gain in efficiency during the animation of your meeting with the Group.

You’ll also earn time with reports as Medical Device Suite automates the formalization of different standard or custom documents with your indicators. This will allow you to quickly produce reports of risk management according to ISO 14971 for example.

The Benefits for the Company

Medical Device Suite allows to:

  • Support your repositories and perpetuate the use of methodologies by facilitating the work of your operational teams
  • Improve the quality in design by coherent sequences of methodologies during your design process (red wire of the design)
  • Reduce costs of translation for CE marking records, since each data studies is managed in multilingual version.


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